Bluetooth Beacon Implementation for Internet of Things

Bluetooth Beacon or also called iBeacon which was started being popular on 2014 is the beginning of various implementation of beacon, especially in Internet of Things. The Bluetooth beacon implementation is also in Internet of Things sector such as in Industrial Internet of Things such as in logistic and asset management. Beacon can be used as tagging and tracking for goods and tracking.


There are also more implementations of Bluetooth Beacon in Internet of Things especially for Industry. Here are some example:

1. Asset Management

Asset management, smart delivery, and real time access can help you make sure driver and vehicle operate optimally. Saving works that needed paper or needed manual work from human, B;luetooth Beacon makes it simple for industry to track and manage the asset.

2. Smart Logistics

Logistic system should be fast and detail in order reaching manufacturing goals and deliver the product fast. Thousands of products such as medicines and food must be sorted and transported at low temperatures. With IoT truck can manage these temperatures itself. By detecting temperatures, any changes will be detected and it can switch the temperatures inside the truck. Or if there’s any danger, an alarm is raised and an action is sent. This can reduce long term operational cost with a quick action on a small problem.



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